Fancifuls Dance Bracelet Project


Tools and Materials

* Small pieces of canvas, muslin, narrow lace, ribbon
* 2 small buttons
* Small length of chain
* Lobster clasp
* 8 Jump rings
* Small alphabet rubber stamps
* Brown permanent ink stamp pad
* Acrylic paint-ivory
* Small paint brush
* Clear sealer, spray or brush on, matte finish
* Alcohol
* Paper towels
* Needle nose pliers
* E6000 adhesive
* Toothpick
* Plastic lid
* Iron
* Scissors
* Needle and ivory thread
* Fancifuls brass pieces
    #5196 end piece (2)
    #4752 rectangle frame
    #5141 heart charm
    #3474 ballerina charm
    #1397 ballet shoes charm

    Gather materials.


    Bend frame into curve.

    Clean all brass pieces with alcohol.

    Coat rectangle and charms with ivory paint, wipe off excess immediately, leaving paint in the crevices to show detail. Let dry.


    Seal all brass pieces with clear sealer.

    Rip a 1&1/2” wide piece of canvas, fray edges. Rip a 3/4” wide
    piece of muslin, fray edges. Trim both pieces to 5&1/4” long. Iron flat if necessary.

    Stamp word on center of muslin.

    Cut 2 pieces of lace 2” long. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon 1&1/2” long, fray ends.

    Layer canvas, muslin and lace, sew together.

    Put ribbon pieces through slits in frame.

    Squeeze small amount of E6000 onto plastic lid, apply to back of frame with toothpick, glue frame to bracelet, let dry.

    Glue brass end pieces on, let dry.

    Sew small buttons on ribbon at edge of frame.

    Cut 2 chain pieces to fit bracelet to your wrist, attach chain, clasp and charms with jump rings using needle nose pliers.