Polymer pins instructions


You may purchase most of these items from your local craft, paper, or rubber stamp store or from those we have listed below as sources.
Premo Sculpey

1. Sculpey (color is Ecru)
Get it at your local craft store

2. Pearlex Powder ( Colors Of Your Choice) I use the following colors the most:
Interference Gold
Interference Red
Interference Violet
Duo Green-Yellow
Duo Red-Blue
3. Rolling Pin Or Pasta Machine

4. Rubber stamps
Stamps purchased from your favorite stamp store or the stamps used in our projects were purchased from 

5."Crafters" Stamp Pad
From Color Box
This Ink becomes permanent after heating, it is available from:

6. ***Shrink Plastic ( Optional )
If you use shrink plastic you will also need fine sand paper, and pastel chalks. Purchase the shrink plastic from www.luckysquirrel.com

7. Misc. Charms
Charms purchased from
Fancifuls Inc. 1070 Leonard Rd
Marathon, NY 13803
Phone / Fax (607)- 849-6870
E-Mail fancifuls@clarityconnect.com
Online Catalog At www.fancifulsinc.com

8. A large filigree backing also from Fancifuls Inc.

9. E6000 Adhesive purchase at a local craft store or your local hardware store

10. Water base varnish
Purchase from local craft store, hardware store, paint store

11. Soft bristle brush
( To apply pearlex powder) like am make up brush
12.Exacto knife
 13. " Beedz"
(Tiny glass beads with no holes) ( optional )
Can be purchased from:

14. Misc. " Jewels " or Crystals ( optional )

15. Glitter ( optional )

16.  Metallic Acrylic Paint ( color of your choice ) ( optional ) used to paint charms

17. Dark brown acrylic paint ( optional ) used to antique charms to make your pin


Roll the Ecru Sculpey out into a thin slab with the rolling pin or pasta machine so it is approximately 1/8 inch thick and 3 to 5 inches square.

With the soft bristle brush, apply Pearlex Powder of your choice to the slab of Sculpey, then rub it into the Sculpey lightly with your finger.

Ink your stamp with the " Crafters " Stamp Pad color ff your choice.

Stamp onto the Sculpey, being careful to apply even pressure over the whole stamp.

Trim clay with Ex-Acto knife to desired shape.

Texture designs on The Sculpey may also be acheived by pressing a large Filigree piece onto the slab, and then carefully removing it.

Decide what charms you want to use, and press lightly into Sculpey clay to make an impression, carefully remove them and set them aside for aater.

Bake the Sculpey according to the instructions on the package, (the use of an oven thermometer is highly recommended )

Remove the Sculpey from the oven and allow to cool.

If desired, antique and / or paint your charms.

With the E6000 adhesive, glue your Sculpey to the large filigree backing piece. (if any of it shows around the edges, antique or paint it to coordinate with the Sculpey slab).

Glue the charms to the Sculpey where you made the impressions.

Glue on clusters of " Beedz " if desired.

If you want to apply glitter, apply a small amount ff water base varnish where you want the glitter to stick. Sprinkle the glitter onto the wet varnish and allow to dry. Brush off any glitter not stuck to the varnish.

Put (2) two coats of water base varnish over the entire piece ( Sculpey, charms, Beedz, & glitter ) and allow it to dry.

Glue on Jewels if desired.

Glue a pin back on.

Now you've created your own unique pin to dazzle your friends who will probably beg you to make one for them!

Shrink Plastic
  ***If you will be using shrink plastic pieces in your pins, make these first:

Sand plastic with fine sandpaper until there are no more shiny spots.

Dust off

With your Exacto knife, scrape some of the pastel chalks ( Several different collors ) onto a scrap of paper.
Pick up some chalk dust with your finger & rub it onto the plastic, blending different areas of color together. ( do this lightly, as color intensifies when the Shrink Plastic shrinks ).

Stamp with your crafters ink.

Shrink the plastic according to instructions on the package.

Make your clay slab & cut an opening for the Shrink Plastic piece to fit. ( remove Shrink Plastic piece before baking your Sculpey slab )