Fancifuls Soar Necklace Project



* Scissors
* Pencil
* Round nose pliers
* Needle nose pliers
* Wire cutters
* Small paint brush
* Golden brand gel medium – matte finish
* Fine sandpaper
* Alcohol
* Tim Holtz Distress ink stamp pad – Tea Dye
* Makeup sponge
* Dark brown acrylic paint
* Clear sealer – spray or brush on, matte finish
* 8 Jump rings
* Chain
* Lobster clasp
* Book page
* Scrap of ivory cardstock
* Small alphabet rubber stamps
* Black permanent ink stamp pad
* E6000 adhesive
* Toothpick
* Plastic lid
* Paper towel
* Fancifuls brass pieces
    #5450 large crescent
    #2448 wing
    #2449 wing
    #4752 rectangle frame
    #6025 bird

Gather materials. Flatten crescent, trace onto book page, cut out, trim to fit, leave holes uncovered.


    Sand crescent to rough up surface. Clean all brass pieces with alcohol.  Ink edges of paper with Distress ink using makeup sponge.


    Apply gel medium to back of cut out and adhere to top of crescent. Let dry. Brush another coat of medium over crescent.

    To give an aged appearance to brass wings, frame and bird, brush a coat of dark brown acrylic paint over entire piece, wipe off excess immediately, leaving paint in crevices to show detail. Let dry.

    Stamp “soar” on ivory cardstock with black ink. Smudge some Distress ink around word to ‘age’ paper. Trim to fit behind frame. Brush on a coat of gel medium, let dry. Glue to back of frame.
    Seal all pieces with clear sealer of your choice. Let dry.

    Put all beads on eye pins, trim and make a loop.


    Attach bird to rectangle frame with jump rings and beads.


    Squeeze a small amount of E6000 onto plastic lid, apply to brass pieces with toothpick. Center frame on crescent, glue a wing on either side of frame; do not cover holes in crescent . Let dry.


    Cut 2 pieces of chain ½” long, attach to crescent with jump rings. Attach 3 beads to each side, cut chain to desired necklace length, attach clasp with jump ring.