Our Security statement

As an e-commerce business, we must deliver the highest levels of trust and security so you can be certain that our site is real, and that the information you send us via Web browsers, mobile phones, and other devices stays private. We know you're concerned about the security of your online order - here's what we're doing to protect you.

Is it safe to order online?
 Statistically, you're more likely to have your ID or credit card stolen at a restaurant, or while vacationing than on a legitimate eCommerce web site, but we realize you might be wary of making credit card transactions online anyway, so Fancifuls Inc's web server is constantly updated and monitored and is equipped with data encryption technology that enables our customers to automatically send and receive data from our server in secure, encrypted form. Our server is FIP's and PCI compliant and is tested and constantly monitored for Malware, Phishing, and other forms of internet security by SiteLock, and our IT professionals, and has to pass daily testing against such threats. Industry-standard "SSL" security protocol is utilized to encrypt all information. To deliver the world's highest level of trust, we employ DigiCert, who authenticates our organization, enabling end users to verify our site and communicate to us via state-of-the-art SSL encryption. This protects confidential information - such as credit card numbers, online forms, and financial data - from interception and hacking. We do not store your credit card information on our web site or server! We have the confidence in DigiCert to provide the same level of trust and security used by Nasa, PayPal,BMW, IBM and other Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Please note either the locked icons at the bottom of your browser or a web address beginning with "https" as a signal of SSL encryption for any information that you send us. In the event that you may still be uncomfortable placing an online order, please fax, mail or order by phone at 607-849-6870 during normal business hours.